I work in the marketing arena as well as the craft/DIY field. Whether it’s leading a team of in-house designers or working on my personal projects, I’m creative at heart — no matter the method, medium, or process.
My career path has been as varied as it has been unexpected. I’ve plowed through the ups and downs of freelance work and the rapid pace of working with a marketing team. The lessons I’ve learned within the open field of DIY and entrepreneurship, where I made my own rules, all the way to juggling the creation of brand guidelines and collateral materials while leading a team, have been immeasurable. And guess what? I still want to learn more.
I enjoy staying on my creative toes so I’ve kept my personal paper-related projects going as well. I work with paper three-dimensionally to indulge a childhood fascination with the simplicity of the material and to see how far I can take it. I enjoy teaching others how to make, so tutorials have been a natural extension of my crafty business. I believe everyone can be creative. I don’t care if the projects you make aren’t perfect. I care that you have fun with my work. That’s the whole point!
I have one career-related frustration. I’m a fluent Spanish speaker and I haven’t had the opportunity to use that gift professionally yet. I’m not sure when or how it’ll happen — but it will. ¡Más vale tarde, que nunca!

My paper crafting work has been featured in several online publications, in national magazines, and on local TV. My first book, Home, Paper, Scissors: Decorative Paper Accessories for the Home is a collection of more than 30 papercraft projects that use paper and recyclable materials. My love for paper crafting and artwork helped me win the Scotch Brand’s Most Gifted Wrapper Contest, which led to other opportunities such as presentations with national Saturday morning shows and local TV presentations.

My most recent work has been about exploring new ways to provide interesting DIY cutting projects. I enjoy making projects that are simple to make but stylish and unique. My downloadable SVG cutting files are sold at my A Little Hut shop.

I license patterns and prints for surface design purposes and three-dimensional designs suitable for wall art, home decor, crafting projects, and giftware. I always welcome new collaborative opportunities.


Martha Stewart