Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in, breathe out

I've been away from my shop for too long, but it was necessary. We went on a family vacation to Colombia to visit family and friends. It was a fantastic couple of weeks and a much-needed break. It always surprises me how much I miss seeing mountains and all the breathtaking views.

We were bombarded with color.

We ate fantastic food, and on a particularly sunny day, we had this view plus traditional live music.

At one point, the 6,200ft altitude caught up with this bunch of sea level (aka. Houston) dwellers when we climbed 740 stairs. But the lake and sunset view were an incredible reward.

This photo doesn't do the 360° view justice. 

So, yes, it was a fantastic trip. We're back into our routines, caught with reality, and I'm back here posting weekly projects. 

I sketched the latest Triptych Flower Wall Art project just before we left and finished it in time for this week's post. But I'm curious, what do you want to see next? 


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What gorgeous photos! Sounds like a wonderful vacation; glad you were able to visit friends and family :)

Terrie D. (StarSpry)

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