How to add depth to a paper cutout

How to add depth to a paper cutout

When you're in a creative moment, you think of things that seem obvious but suddenly come to mind, and you know it was an idea waiting for the right moment. That's what happened when I thought of using watercolors to add some depth to the Serenity piece.

I'm not someone that typically gravitates to paint, but it's undeniable that it's a medium that offers many possibilities. In this case, it's a straightforward idea — using a gradient as a background.

I cut out a piece of watercolor paper just a bit smaller than the cutout piece and used three shades of blue and black paint. I'm a messy painter, so don't mind my terrible example. You may choose to tape the borders of the painted area before you start the process. 

I wet the entire surface of the paper, and I painted the bottom third with the lightest blue and the top fourth with the darkest blue and touches of black. Then, while everything was still wet, I worked on blending the remaining two blues (dark at the top and light at the bottom) with the other colors. Once the paint is dry, the piece is ready for framing. 

I followed the same process for the two Serenity cards. You can see the enormous difference between the painted pieces vs. a solid piece of paper. The paper is ok, but the watercolors take everything to a higher level. 

I love the texture that started showing up once it was dry. And, speaking of texture, you can try to do something simpler by using a piece of solid-colored fabric — how about something like linen?

If you try this sometime feel free to share online and tag me. I'd love to see! 
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